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Today saw the launch of one in a series of high profile Social Return on Investment (SROI) studies by Social Value Lab.

The SROI study focuses on the difference made by the Impact Arts Craft Café programme, a pilot initiative focused on reducing the isolation and loneliness experienced by older people.

Impact Arts welcomed the Minister for Public Health Michael Matheson to launch the SROI report. The Minister commended the project, citing the visionary partnership between Impact Arts and Elderpark and Cassiltoun Housing Associations as an excellent example of the integrated approach needed to tackle isolation amongst the elderly, and the poor health synonymous with it.

Speaking at the launch event Rick Rijsdijk, a Director of the Social Value Lab said:

“The team at the Lab are delighted to have been involved in this piece of collaborative research. The SROI evidence gathered has demonstrated the remarkable impact that arts based activity can have on the confidence, motivation, mental health, and general wellbeing of older people. It has revealed significant positive effects not just on older people, but also their families and the agencies and services that support them.”

The analysis shows that overall the Craft Café pilots have created between £4.86 and £9.57 of social value for every pound of investment. Based on rigorous research and best assumptions, the report estimates a Social Return on Investment of £8.27:£1.

Susan Aktemel, Director of Impact Arts said:

“We are delighted to have received confirmation of what we have known all along – Craft Café works. The health and monetary implications of the UK’s aging population are at the forefront of people’s minds right now and the results of the Craft Café SROI should go to show that once again prevention is better than cure. We are looking forward to rolling out this unique and innovative project on a national level as a proven model of reducing Isolation and loneliness and the many benefits that come with that”.

A copy of the full SROI evaluation report can be obtained here.

Further information of the outcomes-evaluation and impact measurement work of Social Value Lab is available from Jonathan Coburn at

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