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The team at Social Value Lab is delighted to have on board our latest recruit, Marion Lacey.

A well-known face to many, Marion is a highly experienced social researcher, trainer, and evaluator. She has developed a particular track record in workforce issues, health and social sectors, and with a long term commitment to promoting social enterprises.

Her clients include a cross-section of enterprises from locally managed community enterprises to national intermediary bodies, and national public sector providers such as the NHS and the Government. As evaluator, researcher, trainer, or critical friend, she has explored with clients complex issues around mission drift, the redesign of services, sustainability of funding, organisational development, and mainstreaming of equalities.

Marion brings 21 years of research experience and prior to that an involvement over 18 years in the development of community businesses as a community development practitioner. She is former Research Manager with SCVO (Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations).

She is committed to providing opportunities for shared learning and skills development within multi-agency and multi-professional settings. Her creative use of participatory tools, which she first developed through literacy work in West Africa and then in the UK as part of development of training programmes for local activists, has strongly influenced her approach to commissions.

Marion holds an MPhil (Social Science Research), Postgraduate Diploma (Community Development) and MA Hons. (Sociology). She is an active member of the Social Research Association, the UK Evaluation Society, the Scottish Evaluation Network, the SROI Network, and the Management Development Network.

Find out more about the team at the Lab here.

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