Social Value Lab is an agency with a difference; part consultancy, part think tank, part incubator.

What we bring

We describe ourselves as a Lab, not the white coats and test tubes variety, but still a place where rigorous research and experimentation occurs.

We bring with us:

  • A passion for social change; using evidence to make the world a better place.
  • A commitment to social enterprise, i.e. developing more enterprising and sustainable services.
  • A focus on outcomes; planning them, measuring them, valuing then, delivering them, etc.

Our biggest asset is our people. Passion, experience, and energy are the essential traits of everyone that works with us.

Our structure

We’re unconventional in many ways, not least in our structure.

We set up Social Value Lab as a social-purpose business; part-owned by employees, part-owned by leading charity CEiS. We’re not hung up on structure, and this one works for us.

We wanted to stay lean and flexible, so we’ve decided to stick with a small core team and an extended ‘family’ of more than 40 topic specialists (researchers, social business advisors, service designers, etc.).

How we work

We want to make a difference in everything we do.

We only take on assignments that are of value, and where we can add value. Sometimes we respond to tenders and deliver as consultants, sometimes we develop new programmes and deliver in partnership.

Our approach is collaborative. We tend to work with rather than for others. This provides the basis for long-term, constructive, and supportive relationships.

We combine rigorous analysis with clear communication. We present evidence in a simple, accurate, and compelling way.

We are committed to delivering excellent work and to acting in an ethically and socially responsible way.


Download an overview of who we are and what you can expect from us here.