Helen Cowen

Helen Cowen

Title: Researcher
Tel: 0141 530 1479


Helen is a researcher, trained in both qualitative and quantitative research methods.

She has strong analytical skills and is committed to understanding and promoting positive social organisations. She is an experienced and skilled interviewer of people from a wide range of backgrounds and has applied her abilities to a range of projects, including case study research, evaluations and social impact studies.


  • Qualitative social research
  • service user engagement
  • project and programme evaluation
  • social impact measurement
  • survey design and management
  • qualitative data analysis

Professional Networks

Social Research Association


MA (Honours) English Literature/Sociology, University of Glasgow

Passionate about

  • Positive Social Change
  • Innovative ideas
  • The inclusion of all voices
  • Creative approaches
  • Collaboration

Bored by

  • The same old routines
  • Closed mindedness
  • Staying ‘stuck in the past’