Effective evaluation has never been more important. With resourcing decisions coming under increasing scrutiny, now is a time for solid evidence rather than hunches or guesswork.

Social Value Lab carries out rigorous evaluation work (following Magenta Book guidance), and helps others to do the same. Our focus is on outcomes – gauging the changes, benefits, learning or other effects that result from activities.

We apply our expertise in various ways.

  • Organisational reviews. We offer diagnostic reviews and health checks to assess organisational progress, performance, and capacity.
  • Monitoring frameworks. We help design Theory of Change models and implement effective project and programme monitoring arrangements.
  • Project evaluations. We conduct independent evaluations of projects, services, partnerships, and initiatives of all types.
  • Sector and portfolio reviews. We evaluate portfolios of grant-funded projects as well as investment in key fields (for example. health and wellbeing, arts, learning, sport and physical activity).
  • Programme evaluations. We bring significant experience in managing large-scale, multi-stakeholder programme evaluations.

We use evaluation as a tool for learning and change. We use techniques that are participative and inclusive, and are committed to demystifying evaluation rather than creating a dependency on outside evaluators. Check out some of our latest evaluation work.

We provide guidance, training and mentoring that helps to embed good monitoring and evaluation practice. Find out more about our Self-Evaluation Support Service for charities, non-profits and social enterprises.

Need to produce rigorous and compelling evaluation evidence? Just give us a call.

Download an overview of our evaluation work here.