We know that well-informed decisions depend on good quality evidence.
We carry out research that helps others to clarify where they stand, make their case, and extend their influence. This research can take many forms.

  • Socio-economic analysis. We help to make sense of an area’s assets and needs using available demographic, social, and economic intelligence.
  • Third sector mapping. We conduct research into the scale, characteristics, and potential of the third sector and social enterprise.
  • Community consultation. We design and facilitate targeted public consultations that are inclusive, effective, and enjoyable.
  • Participatory action research. We work with and equip local groups and communities and to carry out real-world, results-focused research.
  • Customer research. We carry out primary research into service user needs, expectations, and experiences.
  • Best practice research. We produce case study evidence and best practice guides that can inform and inspire.
  • Policy research. We conduct research that breaks new ground and informs local and national policy-making.

We are equipped to conduct social research based on a full range of qualitative, quantitative, and ‘mixed methods’ designs. We prefer to carry out research on a collaborative basis where possible. We present evidence in creative ways and use a Plain English reporting style. Check out some of our latest research work.

We bring qualified social researchers that are members of the Social Research Association, and we follow the codes of conduct of the Market Research Society.

How can good research evidence help you make your case? Just give us a call to discuss your needs.

Download an overview of our social research work here.