It’s a challenging time for all types of organisations. There is a growing pressure to deliver more with less.

This is where our expertise of community economic development and social enterprise comes into play.

Social Value Lab helps to develop strategies that can deliver better service outcomes in a more joined-up, efficient, and sustainable way. Our input can take a number of forms.

  • Support strategies. We help to develop multi-agency approaches to developing local areas as well as the third sector and social enterprises.
  • Commissioning strategies. We help public service managers, commissioners and buyers to do better business with enterprising third sector organisations.
  • Service externalisation strategies. We help to make sense of the options when it comes to externalising services as independent social enterprises.
  • Investment strategies. We gather evidence that can lead to more intelligent grant funding and social investment decisions.
  • Change strategies. We help to rethink, restructure, and reshape services based on enterprising principles.

More and more we are being asked to help public bodies and the third sector to work together to find shared solutions. That’s why we’ve developed Partners for Change, a hugely successful programme that builds common ground, develops joint working, and leads to real action.

Our partner is CEiS, the oldest and largest non-profit consulting agency in the UK. For more than 30 years CEiS has brought forward cutting edge programmes relating to: community engagement and capacity building; social enterprise development; and social investment.

Just get in touch to find our more.

Download an overview of the ways that we support strategy and collaboration here.