Project: Glasgow Social Enterprise Strategy
Service Area: Strategy & Collaboration
Client: Glasgow Social Enterprise Network
Duration: 5 months

The Brief

Glasgow Social Enterprise Network (GSEN) is a forum for Glasgow’s social enterprise leaders; one committed to creating an environment in the city where social enterprise can flourish. Social Value Lab was commissioned to take stock of the current situation and to build a consensus on the priorities and actions needed to move social enterprise forward in the city.  This took the form of a Social Enterprise Strategy for Glasgow.

Our Inputs

The team at Social Value Lab, supported by CEiS and GSEN membership, developed the Strategy. Our input included:

  • Secondary research into the current scale and significance of Glasgow’s third sector as well as the areas of growth for the sector.
  • Conversations with all of the key players – social enterprise and public sector – who hold an important stake in the success of the strategy.
  • A major survey that explored the characteristics, contribution, needs, and aspirations of social enterprises in the city.
  • A series of facilitated workshops to listen to ideas and shape priorities for the development of social enterprises in the city.

The Results

We helped to put together an ambitious and aspirational strategy for growing the social enterprise sector in Glasgow. Developed with input from more than 100 of the city’s social enterprises it provides a strong sense of purpose and direction. As the first strategy for social enterprise in Glasgow it adopts a balanced approach and outlines action on a number of fronts, from the promotion of social entrepreneurship to building the city’s social enterprise brand. The resulting document both highlights the scope and contribution of the sector and outlines a series of actions that are now being taken forward to build an even more vibrant social enterprise movement.

Some Feedback

“GSEN members worked closely with Social Value Lab over a number of months to produce this, the first Social Enterprise Strategy for Glasgow. Our relationship with Social Value Lab was really productive. They provided a strong evidence base, were able to consult widely with the sector, and then offered some refreshingly clear thinking and great ideas to move things forward. The really understand what makes social enterprise tick and how to work with our community of businesses. The strategy has provided a great starting point on which we are now building.”

Susan Aktemel, Chairperson, Glasgow Social Enterprise Network

Download the Social Enterprise Strategy for Glasgow here.