Project: Evaluation Playlists for Life training programme providing support to people living with dementia (2022)
Service Area: Evaluation Support
Client: Playlist for Life
Duration: -

The Brief

Our research highlights the positive impact of Playlists for Life training for participants, and what the training enables them to achieve.

Playlist for Life is a music and dementia charity that provides vital support to families living with dementia by using personally meaningful music to improve their quality of life. The aim of the charity is to promote and develop a unique personalised playlist for every person living with dementia. Playlist for Life required an evaluation of their training programme, looking at effectiveness and impact alongside a more detailed picture of the benefits of playlists for different groups of people.

Our approach started by identifying key findings from recent research and conducting scoping interviews with training participants and stakeholders. This informed our data collection and analysis, which involved desk research, literature review, interviews, online surveys, deep dives into organisations receiving training, and Social Return on Investment (SROI) measures.

The evidence presented in the report allowed Playlists for Life to assess the training programme’s relevance, quality, and efficacy. Following on from our research, Playlist for Life had robust evidence to understand whether they had achieved their intended outcomes, in addition to a strong evidence base to inform the future development of training programmes. Our report also examined the potential integration of playlists in healthcare and offered recommendations to enhance the training programme’s future development.