Project: Partners for Change (Inverclyde)
Service Area: Strategy & Collaboration
Client: Inverclyde Council
Duration: 4 months
Improving Cross-Sector Partnership in Inverclyde

The Brief

Public services in Inverclyde are coming under increasing strain. Radical thinking and decisive action is required by the Council and local NHS Board to sustain services and deliver better local outcomes. That’s why Social Value Lab and partners at Ready for Business were asked to facilitate a partnership improvement programme that would unlock opportunities for the third sector in public service delivery.

Our Inputs

We delivered an intensive programme of relationship building and action planning. This ‘Partners for Change’ programme involved:

  • Three intensive half-day workshop sessions, each bringing together mixed groups of up to 28 senior third sector and public sector leaders.
  • Development of an action-oriented Commissioning Improvement Plan focused on ways to maximise the benefits of commissioning health, social care, and other services directly from the third sector.
  • Ongoing mentoring and advisory support to help deliver on agreed actions and take the next steps to partnership improvement.

The Results

Partners for Change provided a rapid, intensive way of developing cross-sector relationships and unlocking the full potential of the third sector in Inverclyde:

  • More solid relationships were formed, leading to better dialogue and co-operation between the Council and third sector partners.
  • A Community Health and Care Partnership Commissioning strategy has been introduced which places the third sector at the heart of delivery.
  • Mechanisms are being introduced to harness third sector innovation, including service innovation forums and Public Social Partnership projects.
  • Commitments are being progressed to level the playing field in procurement for newer, smaller and more local third sector providers.

Some Feedback

“Social Value Lab has been pivotal in facilitating closer working links between the Council, its services, Health agencies and partners. As a result a programme of work has commenced that will promote active partnerships with goals and tangible benefits. Social Value Lab continues to support these initiatives through service review and redesign which will foster the right environment for continued innovation and service improvement. Their help has been invaluable.”

Brendan Hurrell, Procurement Manager, Inverclyde Council

Download a full case study here.