Project: CEiS Annual Impact Report
Service Area: Social Impact Measurement
Client: Community Enterprise in Scotland (CEiS)
Duration: 3 months
Reporting Annual Impact: The CEiS Story

The Brief

All good organisations know that they must remain accountable and tell their story in a clear and compelling way; one that suits their circumstances, needs, and stakeholder requirements. That’s why we were asked to work with the CEiS Group to produce an annual account of their activities and to help explain the way they bring about change.

Our Inputs

We worked closely with the CEiS team over a period of weeks to stitch together a clear picture of the organisation’s work and its impact. We did this by:

  • Getting to grips with the numbers. More precisely, reviewing monitoring systems and accessing available data across the trading operations, programmes, and services that make up the CEiS Group.
  • Listening to staff. This included a series of conversations with managers and input to a staff away day to help tease out the stories of change from among frontline teams.
  • Drawing on existing evidence. Where performance reports or independent evaluations were available, these were thrown into the mix.

It’s important to note that there was no additional or costly primary research required; we were able to make the most of the information already at the fingertips and in the heads of the team at CEiS.

The Results

We worked closely with our Graphic Designer to produce a simple yet compelling Annual Impact Report. Somewhere in style between an Annual Report and Impact Evaluation, the report brought together a mix of narrative, quantitative and qualitative information. It organised the CEiS story around the organisation’s impact on people, enterprises, communities, and internationally. This is the first time that CEiS has been able to tell its story in such a comprehensive way; one grounded in all the available facts. The report has been used widely to introduce the work of CEiS to new audiences and to sharpen the understanding of those close to the organisation.

Some Feedback

“Building on our already close relationship, the team at Social Value Lab really challenged the CEiS Group to make our case and demonstrate our impact. They quickly grasped the brief, offered a clear framework for explaining our story of change, and were able to communicate messages with exceptional clarity and precision. The work has really helped us to showcase our achievements. Equally importantly, it has led us to improve the way that we capture evidence and report on outcomes.”

Gerry Higgins, Chief Executive, Community Enterprise in Scotland

Download the full CEiS Annual Impact Report 2011 here.