Project: Schools Programme Evaluation (2023)
Service Area: Evaluation Support
Client: FARE Scotland
Duration: -

The Brief

Our evaluation provided FARE with compelling, independent evidence on the outcomes they were achieving for young people and their families, putting them in a stronger position to demonstrate their value to schools and funders alike.

FARE Scotland is a voluntary organisation working in several disadvantaged communities throughout Glasgow and Central Scotland. It aims to improve the lives of children and families through, for example, improving health and wellbeing, mitigating the effects of poverty, building skills and empowering communities. FARE’s programme of work in Glasgow schools had grown rapidly in recent years and they wanted to gain a better understanding of the difference it was making.

Having reviewed existing programme data, we identified a several outcomes that reflected the wide range of activities delivered by FARE in schools (for example alternative curriculum, mentoring, employability programmes, anti-social behaviour workshops, financial inclusion services, etc.). These outcomes informed the design of two surveys, for young people and parents/carers, administered in 17 secondary schools (600+ responses). We then visited three schools, conducting interviews and focus groups with young people, teachers, and senior management, to gather in-depth views on the impact and delivery of FARE’s schools’ programme. Finally, we visited FARE’s staff development day and held focus groups with programme delivery staff. Findings from consultations were complemented by a review of the programme’s position in and contribution to the strategic service landscape.

The evaluation gave FARE solid evidence on the positive changes brought about for young people and families because of their schools’ programme. Our report also provided valuable insights into the areas in which they might be able to grow their impact and opportunities for developing the programme and strengthening partnerships with schools.