Project: Self-Evaluation Support for Dementia Friendly Communities
Service Area: Evaluation Support
Client: Life Changes Trust
Duration: Ongoing

The Brief

The Life Changes Trust is a major grant-making foundation, committed to ensuring that people affected by dementia are empowered to exercise choice and control over their own lives and become active citizens in their communities. The Trust is also committed to effective evaluation, ensuring that continuous monitoring, learning and improvement become a routine part of all funded activity. It was for this reason that Social Value Lab was invited to work with the Life Changes Trust to provide tailored evaluation support on its three-year Dementia Friendly Communities funding programme.

Our Inputs

As programme evaluation partner, Social Value Lab:

  1. Developed a self-evaluation toolkit for Dementia Friendly Communities, setting out the principles, approaches and methods for effective evaluation.
  2. Delivered workshops to encourage awareness and commitment to self-evaluation based on participatory principles.
  3. Provided tailored evaluation advice for each Dementia Friendly Community, helping to develop their ‘theory of change’, form realistic outcomes and indicators, design creative and user-friendly evaluation techniques, and embed regular monitoring and reporting into everything they do.

The Results

We helped the Dementia Friendly Communities initiatives to embed effective systems to track outcomes and capture ongoing learning. This has enabled each of the funded initiatives to reflect on their practice, gather evidence on the full range of outcomes they achieve, celebrate achievements, and share their learning with others. Our input has helped the Life Changes Trust to build a body of evidence about Dementia Friendly Communities, identify what works and under what circumstances, and better understand the efficacy and impact of its funding.

The Dementia Friendly Communities Self-Evaluation Toolkit can be downloaded here.