Project: Self-Evaluation Guidance and Support
Service Area: Evaluation Support
Client: sportscotland
Duration: 6 months
Strengthening Self-Evaluation Practice in Sport

The Brief

There has been a real shift in thinking over recent years, from the view that evaluation is something that is done to projects, to viewing it as something that they can usefully do for themselves. That’s why sportscotland asked Social Value Lab to work with it to find ways to improve evaluation practice as part of the Community Sport Hubs programme; a priority programme for sportscotland and its contribution to the Legacy Plan for Glasgow 2014.

Our Inputs

Over the course of two assignments, the team at Social Value Lab has been working with staff at sportscotland to introduce new ways of thinking about evaluation and new ways of supporting it. Our inputs have included:

  • A review of current evaluation practice within the Community Sport Hubs Programme and across comparable grant-making programmes
  • Introductory sessions on the basics of self-evaluation for Community Sport Hub Officers and sportscotland Partnership Managers
  • Development of a set of 10 guides providing a step-by-step introduction to the use of selected participatory evaluation tools

The Results

From the assignment sportscotland staff have been switched on and tuned into new ways of supporting self-evaluation. The insights and materials produced have been quickly applied by Community Sport Hubs to good effect. Ultimately, when fully cascaded and supported, it is expected that community sports clubs will be better able to collect and use data to answer their own questions about the quality, value and direction of their work and to better manage their performance.

Some Feedback

“We have been working with Social Value Lab to help us inform the local lead officers responsible for developing Community Sport Hubs in their local communities. It’s been great as we talk the same simple language and both want to develop a more participatory approach to develop sport. Social Value Lab has simplified planning for the lead officers and has also shown them how to use tools that help to gather information and review progress. We look forward to working further with the Social Value Lab and learning how this participatory approach can help improve sports development.”

James Steel, Lead Manager, sportscotland

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