Public bodies now live in an increasingly co-dependent world. The third sector (and social enterprise in particular) is an ever more important partner in delivering public services.

Everybody is talking about service ‘integration’, ‘partnership’, and ‘collaboration’. But the rhetoric of partnership is far from the reality. Relationships are often patchy or poor, partnership working tends to lack focus, and public bodies often fail to make the most of the third sector on their doorstep.

But imagine it, senior decision-makers from public bodies and the third sector, in your area or sector, coming together as equal partners. Getting to know each other, really understanding where the other is coming from, focusing minds on a big cross-sector challenge, and coming up with sensible decisions that lead to action. That’s Partners for Change in a nutshell.

Tested in more than 50 local authority areas across the UK, the Partners for Change approach can be flexibly applied to support service transformation and partnership development.

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