We can carry out an evaluation for you or, even better, help you to build evaluation into your everyday work.

Our Self-Evaluation Support Service (SESS) fills the gaps in your knowledge and capacity. This could involve our help in:

  • Developing your ‘theory of change’.
  • Forming realistic outcomes and indicators.
  • Designing an evaluation framework to organise your work.
  • Selecting creative and user-friendly evaluation techniques.
  • Designing questionnaires and other research tools.
  • Making sense of the monitoring data you gather.
  • Checking the evaluation evidence you produce.
  • Writing reports to funders and responding to their requirements.

We keep our input (and cost) to a minimum; just enough to build your confidence, systems, and skills. Depending on your needs this could include:

  • Evaluation workshops to help build skills and plan activity.
  • Mentoring meetings offering ongoing guidance and encouragement.
  • One-off or regular feedback by email or telephone.
  • Hands on assistance as required.

Find out about some of our latest work to strengthen self-evaluation arrangements.

Need to evaluate your project but unsure of where to start? Want to commission evaluation support for the projects you fund? Just get in touch to find out more.