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Often even the most effective third sector organisations struggle to fully articulate the difference that they make.

There is a continuing (and often futile) debate over which form of impact measurement framework or tool is the most appropriate for the job … this tends to end up in either organisational inaction or excessive cost.

Most level-headed organisations recognise that they must tell their story in a compelling way, and in a way that suits their circumstances, needs, and target audience. Often this involves reporting a mix of narrative, quantitative and qualitative information.

We tend to take a tailored approach – making use of monitoring data where available, making use of good outcome-based evaluation techniques where resources permit, and applying the latest social impact measurement tools where appropriate.

In some cases we are asked to work with existing performance information rather than carry out additional or expensive primary research. Increasingly this gives rise to an Annual Impact Report of some form.

We’re pleased to have worked recently with CEiS to produce an annual account of their activities and the ways in which they bring about change.

A full copy of the CEiS Annual Impact Report for 2011 can be accessed here.

To find out more about our impact measurement and reporting services contact Jonathan Coburn at or on 0141 352 7419.

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