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Our work has given Aberlour and Kibble a compelling document to promote the further reduce the use of restraint in residential childcare.

Aberlour and Kibble, who both have greatly reduced the use of physical restraint from their residential care services for children and young people, led a pilot project with Glasgow, Edinburgh and North Lanarkshire Councils and St Philips residential school to help them at looking at reducing their use of restraint. Social Value Lab evaluated the pilot. What we did and how we did it

What we did

As part of the research, we documented in depth the journey Aberlour and Kibble made, gathered the views of young people in residential care on restraint; reviewed the use of Design School and the Scottish Approach to Service Design to achieve culture change and assessed the culture change around restraint in the pilot organisations.

To safeguard young people and avoid re-traumatisation, we developed vignettes in cartoon form to let them express their views.

The result

The report provides evidence of culture change that is happening within residential childcare to keep The Promise and eradicate physical restraint. It emphasises the need to train adults working in care with trauma-informed practice and change to reflective practice to build stronger relationships between children, young people and adults to increase containment and avoid physical restraint. The report also shows that steps are made, but much more need to be done for Scotland to become a nation that does not restrain its children by 2030.

Aberlour was delighted to engage Social Value Lab to evaluate its work with Kibble to deliver a pilot on rethinking restraint.  The evaluation provides rich learning for Scotland to help keep the Promise that Scotland must strive to become a nation that does not restraint its children.  We were pleased with how the evaluators took time to understand the issue at hand and believe that the evaluation gives organisations clear insights as to how to eradicate restraint in residential childcare in Scotland.

SallyAnn Kelly OBE, Chief Executive Aberlour

It was a real privilege to work alongside Social Value Lab in the delivery of the project Rethinking Restraint, in partnership with Aberlour. Social Value Lab were integral to the success of the evaluation, providing a depth of knowledge, understanding and professionalism that helped shape the delivery of the project. They were able to provide valuable insight into what organisations need to do in order to Keep the Promise and minimise the use of physical restraint.

Sandy Mayhew, Executive Director Kibble

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