Now is the time for organisations to stand up and prove their worth, both in economic and social terms. This can be a complicated and time-consuming business, however, even for the largest of organisations.

Social Value Lab is a UK centre of expertise in social impact measurement. We help organisations to measure soft and intangible outcomes. We do this by providing training, mentoring, and consultancy in techniques that either we invent or adapt to client needs. Our services cover:

  • Planning outcomes. We use Theory of Change and logic modelling and other techniques to help explain intended impact in a simple, systematic and visual way.
  • Measuring outcomes. We design and apply indicator frameworks, impact maps, outcomes monitoring systems, and bespoke outcome measurement tools.
  • Valuing outcomes. We apply cutting edge techniques to help ‘monetise’ priority outcomes, ensuring that they are taken fully into account in financial decisions.
  • Gauging impact. We help to make use of comprehensive social impact frameworks including Social Accounting and Social Return on Investment (SROI).

We are well known for our ground-breaking work on Social Return on Investment (SROI) and other forms of social cost-benefit analysis. Our goal is to demystify these frameworks and enable even the smallest organisations to apply them with rigour. Simplification is key; that’s why we work with partners to roll out the use of new online platforms when suitable.

It is not just about the numbers you gather though; it’s about the story you tell. That’s why we focus on presenting evidence in a simple, accurate, and compelling way. Narrative, numbers, visuals, video; we combine them to good effect. Check out some of our latest work.

Are you committed to telling the world about your social impact? Come talk to us about approaches and methods.

Download an overview of our work on social impact measurement here.