Social Return on Investment – SROI – is the generally accepted method of measuring social impact in the UK and elsewhere.

SROI is about identifying and valuing outcomes. It recognises that some project outcomes result in more or less money, some free up public sector resources, and some are simply preferred by service users. SROI attempts to systematically identify and value all outcomes that are important to stakeholders.

Social Value Lab works with social investors, grant-makers, public service commissioners, and frontline organisations to demystify the SROI framework and put it to practical use. We provide:

  • Introductory SROI workshops.
  • SROI mentoring and training programmes.
  • SROI frameworks and systems.
  • Coaching to support SROI implementation.
  • Access to new technology to simplify SROI tracking.
  • SROI forecast and evaluation reports.

We have helped numerous organisations across the UK to measure their social return, from small charities to large government departments and quangos. Check out some of our latest SROI evaluation reports.

We bring staff members that are accredited SROI practitioners, trainers, and assurance panel members. We’re one of the most experienced agencies in the field.

Interested in SROI but not sure where to start? Just get in touch to find out how we can help.